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Transition has an e-learning solution for you.

Perhaps it’s Lectora – one of the world’s leading e-learning authoring tools. Or perhaps you need some instant e-learning – in the form of Transition’s bite-sized tutorials. Or maybe you need to buy or renew an IBM software/learning licence.

This is the place to do it. Transition’s on-line store is backed by real people – (yes, that’s right, actual humans) – ready to help you with your e-learning needs.

Lectora: powerful e-learning publishing
Lectora. The best keeps getting better.
Real e-learning publishing power.
Lectora & CourseMill training
Training materials to get you started with Lectora and CourseMill, including classroom courses - book online to reserve your place.
Maintenance & Support annual renewals; Lectora Inspire offers
Calling all Lectora users! Ensure you are always up to date with Lectora's new features, enhancements to existing features, service pack, discounts and updates. Plus, help whenever you need it at the other end of the telephone, online or by email.
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